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Whether it’s a child’s first word, supporting a parent through a tough time, an adult’s participation in an employment program, or bringing training and awareness to a group of police officers, each day at Giant Steps we change lives. We can and must do more. The Giant Steps Autism Centre is the key to a better future for the autism community in Quebec.

Thomas Henderson, BA, MAdEd, Director of Innovation and special projects

About the centre

Our bold vision for a brighter future

Giant Steps intends to build upon its strengths and strong partnerships to positively impact the world of autism for generations to come.

Four pillars for success

The new Giant Steps Autism Centre will consist of four separate but integrated pillars to support the changing lifespan needs of autistic individuals, their families and professionals in the field.

About us


Giant Steps has stood at the forefront of autism and education for 40 years. Our intensive educational and therapeutic program, offered in both French and English to 90 students aged 4-21, is unique in Quebec, and has been replicated worldwide.

We have assembled a team of volunteers who believe in this project and who are working to make it a reality. It is time that the public and private sectors work together to impact the autism community for generations to come. It’s time to take a Giant Step for Autism.”

André Bourbonnais
Co-Chair, Giant Steps Autism Centre Campaign

Watch the progress on our construction site

About the campaign

Campaign Goal

The Take a Giant Step for Autism campaign has a fundraising goal of $53.4 million to build the Giant Steps Autism Centre.

To make a real impact, you need to include autistic representation around the table, listen to the challenges faced, foster collaboration by breaking down silos across all sectors, and spark bold new ideas. This is what Giant Steps does.”

Andrée Dallaire
Co-Chair, Giant Steps Autism Centre Campaign

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