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and Innovation

The success of people living with autism depends on leading-edge research and a spirit of innovation.


Building on our existing collaboration with research institutions and private-sector interests, the Research and Innovation Hub will seek to better understand the needs of people with autism and provide solutions to guarantee them a better quality of life.

Giant Steps has partnered with the Transforming Autism Care Consortium (TACC), a research network of 45 researchers and more than 300 highly-skilled clinicians from the University and health networks in Quebec, which will provide a solid framework for action and interaction with our students. The TACC will establish its satellite laboratory in the new Centre and will function independently from Giant Steps.


  • House a living lab where autism services can be developed and tested;
  • Provide research infrastructure for applied autism research;
  • Engage our teaching and therapeutic staff in action-research initiatives;
  • Create a knowledge-translation platform to support the application of new findings.

Stories in Research

– Mayada (TACC)
– Story 2
– Story 3

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