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Creating A
Cutting-Edge Facility

The Giant Steps Autism Centre has been designed to take into consideration the many perceptual differences and sensory challenges often facing people with autism.

Designed by Provencher_Roy, a leading architectural firm, the Centre will be located on approximately 6,000 square meters (65,000 square feet) of land on Molson Street in Montreal. The proposed building will include approximately 6,200 square meters (67,000 square feet) of superstructure on three levels with underground parking.


  • Thoughtful planning of spaces that include no straight corridors to avoid the tunnel effect and calming spaces such as alcoves, nooks and sensory rooms;
  • Choice of specialized materials to be able to minimize the impact on the sensory system;
  • Particular care has been taken in separating the flow of people according to age, in order to properly separate the youngest from the adults, students from visitors;
  • The different spaces are distinct and secured by a system of magnetic doors and video surveillance.
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